Monday, August 8, 2011

Completed! :D

Morning guysss!

Sorry I miss an entry yesterday I was dead from all craziness of life hehe :) anyways my diet finally ended! I loose a net of 4.2 kgs down to 58.8 kg... well is not as low as I want it to be yet but well.. I guess I still got many more diet to try to reach 52 kg... :) I hope I can otherwise Marie France here I come :P hahaa

Anyways on Saturday morning after breakfast. ( I had a cup of coffee and a slice of toast) I went to this wholesale center.. it was packed with stuff and also food! Omg! during lunch time while my friend is eating nasi padang, I took out my lunch box consisting 2 hard boiled eggs and 6 mini carrots! everyone was staring at me! haha is such an embarrassed but well I suffered for 12 days so I have to finish my diet! anyways reward comes latter! I wore a size smaller now or 2 haha I don't know exactly actually because China products often has irregular cutting! My friend told me I look a lot thinner! yayy I am soo happy! But well I still have issues with my thigh! I have no idea how to make them any smaller! :(

For dinner I have a little less than half of boiled chicken, because I was rushing to go to a reunion! Well since is a reunion is kind of weird if I just seat there and not eat.. so I ordered salad haha hence I cut my dinner into 2 parts! For salad I have it with balsamic vinegar and some lemon.. I lift out the nuts and corn so I am stick to my diet! and of course come people at the reunion was amazed on how much weight I lost! haha I even share the menu with some of my friends! :) so yay people is worth it ;)

I am going back to work for now, but I will try to write a final review of the diet within this week! :) Lets hope I maintained my weight and loose more! oh ya for now I am replacing 2 meals with special K cereal and low fat milk! :)


Little Miss P

Breakfast : A cup of coffee + 1 teaspoon of sugar

Breakfast : a slice of wheat bread

Lunch : 2 hard boiled eggs + 6 mini carrots

Dinner : half skinless chicken

Dinner : Salad with balsamic vinegar and lemon. ( I didn't eat the corn and beans)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

92.30% towards completion!

Hi guys!

I m so excited! Today is my last day of diet! Tadaaa i m 59.2 on the scale with clothes today! I m quite happy not estatic but well.. Is not bad to loose 4 kg in 12 days..well not as much as expected but is not bad at all .. This diet like i said has given me more than weight loss, it thought me a lot of discipline and self control.

For breakfast i have 6 baby carrots with a squeeze of lemon at 730. I had steam salmon with ginger and spring onion for lunch.. This time i didn't have boiled fish because last week i was feeling pretty sick after eating the boiled cod fish. I stick to eating my boiled fish despite the fact that i was at a friend's house they were having potato wages n fries with truffle oil and mayo! Haha really i would have finish the whole plate before e diet! :) the fish was quite filling.. It kept me full till my late dinner at 730. For dinner i had steak with celery n butter. I replace my roast beef with steak because i am too lazy to make my own roast beef and the one i bought last week does contain lots of salt :(

Today has been quite a busy day that's y i wrote my blog so late... Anyways i am off to bed.. I will blog about my final day in a few hours! Yaaayyyyy


Little Miss P

Breakfast : 6 mini carrots

Lunch: 200 grams salmon with ginger and spring onion

Dinner :200 grams beef steak with celery n butter

Friday, August 5, 2011

84.62% towards Completion

Morning guyss!

I am finally done with day 11 ! Jeez 2 more days to gooo jiayou! I loose another 0.2 kg today ... huhu slow but hopefully will reach 58.5 by sunday morning! huhu I don't know how much daddy loose today because he is in Singapore... and I am sure he is eating Junk... :( Besides the crazy mood swings and Pocky cravings.... I have no complain about this diet! :) well maybe the embarrassing stomach growling sometimes :)

I had my breakfast on the car yesterday because I had to send daddy to the airport, breakfast is pretty decent a cup of coffee and a slice of wheat bread. I prepared my own lunch consisting of 200 ml of juice and 2 cups of yogurt. For the juice I mix orange, kiwi and lemon. Its a pretty good combination! I love it! I had an early lunch at 1130 because I need to go for a meeting, so by 4 I was soo hungry luckily I was busy traveling on the road, so I don't really have time to think about food :) Actually this diet taught me how to resist temptation... like really haha I went to a good friend house at 5.. I was really hungry like growling but I know I had to wait till 6 at least to eat my dinner otherwise I will not last the night. Well this good friend of mine is pretty much like me, we love junks.. the only diff is she is skinny while I am not :( anyways when I arrive I saw peanuts, crackers and cherry.. well I did cheat I took a cherry hehe but well that night was suppose to be fruit night. For dinner I have 250 grams of kiwi ( plus a cheery hehe) + 6 little carrots and a hard boiled egg. The dinner is pretty filling for me, well is enough for me to resist a piece of kue lapis offered to me at 2000 ! :D Ohhh well.... My friend is totally amazed on how well I have resist temptation during this diet! :D

Ok guys, sorry for the short posting.. I am back to work!


Little Miss Pink

Breakfast : a cup of coffee + a slice of toast

Lunch: 2 yogurt + 200 ml of kiwi, orange + lemon juice

Dinner : 6 baby carrots + 1 hard boiled egg + 250 grams of kiwi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

76.92% towards Completion

Morning guyss!

Today I weigh myself I think I loose only 0.2 kg frm yesterday.. huhu the process is going sooo sloww :( and I am left with 3 more days :'( sooo sad! I am already planning for my next diet.. because I didn't hit my target weight of at least 55.. Anyways daddy didn't loose again but then again he already loose 8 kg so far! Daddy is gone to Singapore today so I will be dieting by myself.. is kind of sad but I hope I can stick by it for the next 3 days!

Yesterday was also quite a tiring day.. I couldn't focus and spend my time searching for muffin recipe hahaaha its crazy! I hope I don't go crazy on Sunday! I already plan swimming and starting my special K Challenge diet haha. I decide to continue writing the blog, but maybe not on daily basis like this one because special K basically just ask you to replace 2 meals with the bowl of cereal and when you are hungry eat fruits! 

I wouldn't say this diet is a failure though, my friends saw me yesterday and they say I looked like I loose a lot of weight maybe because whenever I loose weight it goes to the upper part of my body especially my face! I should be thankful because I look thin in pictures only in pictures on when I m seating down haha otherwise I will look like Deasy, Donald Duck's Girlfriend, due to my super big ass and thigh.:( On my way to work I saw a very big Marie France 50% sale poster, I am soo tempted to try them to loose some inches on my thigh huhu but lets see..

I had breakfast as the usual 0730.  I have a slice of bread and a cup of coffee. For lunch I have a slice of ham, 2 hard boiled eggs and some lettuce. Its quite filling because I eat lots of lettuce. :) For Dinner I have 1 hard boiled egg, 3 cherry tomatoes ( I am suppose to have 1 large tomato which is usually equal to 5 little ones but I ran out yesterday) and half dragon fruit and half kiwi. Actually I am suppose to eat a fruit for that night so I guess half and half is equal to one right? hahaha It was a fulfilling meal, satisfy my cravings for sweet stuff. After dinner I went out to have dinner with friends.. well they have dinner while I had 2 bottles of mineral waters. I saw them eating Korean tofu soup and rice, I didn't have any urge to nibble.. is weird normally I am a greedy pig, but I think if someone were to eat Pocky I would definitely crave for them even more! 

Anyways I am off to work! 3 more days to go! jiayoooouuuuu!


Little Miss P

Breakfast : a cup of coffee + a slice of wheat bread

Lunch : 2 hard boiled eggs + a slice of ham and lettuce

Dinner: 1 hard boiled egg + 1/2 dragon fruit + 3 cherry tomatoes + 1/2 kiwi ( gave the other have to daddy)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

69.23% towards Completion

Morning all!

Thank God is day 9! I am surviving... well barely.. i was woken up by a Pejoy dream at midnight.. Greentea Pejoy actually :p Anyway I finally fall below 60 kg with clothes.. 59.9 kg with clothes haha so maybe 59.5 haha I m soo happpyyy! I have never fall below 60 for at least the last 10 years and maybe more! :D Daddy has lost a total of 8 kg! OMG! I wonder how unhealthy he is before this diet haha I lost 3.5 kg altogether since the beginning :P

2nd week is harder than the first because you have crazy cravings for things like dark chocolate, pocky, peanuts and even cereal hahaha but well it abit too late to give up now so I m going to continue till this Saturday so wish me luck people! Oh ya ! I was also actually feeling a little weaker than last week.. I could not wake up for gym this morning... I was soo dead yesterday but I manage to go to work and function so is not so bad! :)

I had breakfast at the usual 0730, a cup of supaaa good kopi luwak and a teaspoon of sugar! It smells soo good! :)  For lunch I have 250 grams of ham, this time I have 2 slice of turkey ham and 2 slice of smoke pork ham.. I would do turkey next time is more filling maybe because it has some texture on the meat :) In addition to the ham , I have 2 little cups of natural fat free yogurt! haha I have 2 cup this weeks because is fat free and the cup is a little small that my first cheat of the day.. well is not really cheating haha because the menu didn't mention the volume of the yogurt! :D For dinner I has the same cut steak as Monday but this time I cut down the cooking time to 4 minutes on 1 side and 2 minutes on the other plus 3 minutes in the oven. I forget to mention yesterday when u put u grill on the oven remember to cover them with aluminum foil so the juice didn't evaporate while on the grill :) I had that steak with lettuce, some lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar! :)

Ok guys I am going back to work! Can't wait till Sunday!


Little Miss P

Breakfast : a cup of kopi Luwak! :D

Lunch : 250 grams of ham ( half turkey & half smoke ham (pork)) + 2 plain yogurt

Dinner : 200 grams of steak and lettuce with dressing ( see above for recipe)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

61.54% towards Completion!

Morning all!

Daddy loose 7 kg altogether!! OMG!! While I didn't loose any more! hiks its kind of demoralizing but well I m just going to finish this diet till day 13 and hoping I'll loose some weight.. is soo hard to go below 60 *finger crossed* I don't know if I should blame it on my digestive system.. because I am unable to poop :( Next week I am going for colonoscopy to ensure nothing is wrong with my digestive system because I am getting worried!

Yesterday I woke up early so I decided to go to the gym :) I did 20 minutes cross trainer, 150 crunches and 10 minutes of biking.. well I turn rather pale and wasn't sweating so I decided to stop at the cross trainer hehe.. when I went home I told daddy that I didn't sweat and he touch my head and I was sweating cold sweat haha lucky I didn't faint at the gym otherwise it will be an embarrassment! *phew*

My breakfast starts a little later yesterday at 0800. I had a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of sugar. Its soo good to have my caffeine back! For lunch I had a little less than 400 grams spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes and 2 eggs. This time I use organic green spinach it wasn't as bad as the red ones next week and I think I dun mind eating it on normal days :) Dinner was awesome! On Saturday we bought 5 piece of wahgyu grade 4-5 , each at 200 grams! It taste sooo goood! I marinate the beef with rosemary and black pepper, put them on the grill with olive oil for 5 minutes the turn them over for another 3 minutes, then off to 350 degrees oven for 5 minutes! Ta-daaa daddy told me is a perfect medium well steak but it will be better with salt :P I also had lettuce with olive oil + balsamic vinegar, some garlic and a squeeze of lemon...hahaha anyways you guys should try.... I think with normal beef you should do more cooking time..if you want a medium well steak like ours! :)

I am sad but I am feeling quite depressed! But I am motivating myself to stick on the diet! soo jiayouuuu pray that I drop below 59.8 soon!


Little Miss P

Breakfast : a cup of Coffee

Lunch :  400 grams of spinach + 5 cherry tomatoes + 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner : 200 grams of steak + lettuce ( see recipe above)

Monday, August 1, 2011

53.85% towards Completion!

Morning all!

I am sad!! in spite of fasting yesterday I didn't loose any weight.. maybe because I could not poop since the beginning of this diet.. I try to keep off laxative and see how it goes.. daddy loose another kg.. so total 5.5 kg!! I m soo jealousss!

Turnout yesterday wasnt as bad as I expected.. I survive not eating till 1745 haha of cause I have early dinner otherwise I would die! I kept my self real busy yesterday... I really try to wake up later by sleeping at 0200 but I cant I still wake up at 8.. so I was pretty much zombie haha so at 0900, I drank my tea, ( English breakfast! I think that e only tea that can sustain me) then went out with my dad to the market at 0930... daddy is totally not helping..while we were strolling he kept pointing at bbq duck, chasiew pork, hokkian mie and basically he wants to freeze all those food for next week! hahaha unbelievable.. hahaaha but YES! the 2 of us survive the temptation.. oh ya we also bought coffee luwak! It smells sooo good! I am going to try to brew them tomorrow :D

Let's see.. for lunch we had NOTHING!! haha to sustain hunger, we went to the mall and look around.. then we finally went to the supermarket again to get some food for this week! Suddenly everything in supermarket looks soo good! After supermarket we went back home but decided to go for some foot reflexology after that, because we figured out if we stayed home daddy will start snacking! haha is so funny whenever daddy tries to cheat on this diet he won't do it in front of me, he will do it in front of mom! then mom will be my spy haha :P Anyways we spend 1.5 hours getting our foot massage :) yes I feel good but in embarrassment because my tummy  kept growling like crazy! hahaha

By the time we are back from our food massage its 1700, I was browsing in the internet for some lamb chop recipe. I found a couple but modified them cutting salt and honey. I marinate my lamb chop in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, rosemary and crush garlic. I then leave it in the fridge for 50 minutes. Then while watching TV hunger strikes at 1745, so we decided to have the apple first. I ask my maid to cut 3 apples so each of us will have 1.5 of apples! :) well the menu didn't say how many apple we can eat :) After I m done with my apple, I grill my lamb chop 4 minutes on each side on high heat. Geeezzz the lamb taste so good haha maybe because we were hungry, but there isn't too much meat because the bone is pretty big, but its sustainable for the rest of the night! haha We went to 7 o'clock mass after that.. Thank God our stomach didn't start making weird noises in church! :D 

In conclusion, I have passed the hardest day of the 13.. I still got 6 more days to go and lots of weight to loose so let's hope I make it! Jiaaayouuu!

Breakfast : 1 cup of English Breakfast tea

Dinner : 1.5 apple

Dinner : 200 grams of lamb chop ( recipe see above)

My lunch is waiting!


Little Miss P